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Security at international Borders
Posted: Mar 2 2005, 07:48 AM
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The Confederacy of Latao invites its NeighbourNation of the Region of Atlantian Oceania to talks on its new Security Policies at State Borders.
Since this is an international act, we would like to know introduce our Neighbours to these new policies and invite our neighbours to share the discussion in an open forum.

To save money, Latao has decided to allow private companies to control its international state borders.
These companies will gain all permissions and competences, incl. material & access) required to protect Latao's borders effectively. The State will only act as a controller, who may interfere if needed.

Government (NEC) and Parliament have created the following framework of rules to control the activities of these private organizations and ensure their success:

Our souverign Neighbours are encouraged to participate the oppinions.

1. The whole purpose of the State Border Control Act (SBCA) is to save public state money, by decreasing the number of security personnel and material needed to protected Latao's international state borders without decreasign the current level of security.

2. To reach these goals, Latao decreases the number of its personnel at international state borders which include:
* Roads and Motorways
* Coasts (Lakes and Sea)
* International Airports
* "on-the-fly" in-land Checks

3. Latao allows private organizations that meet the following requirement to operate as border patrol:
* The Company must reside in Latao
* The Company must be property of Latin Citizens of at last 60 %
(share holder value)
* The Company must be holder of an official License, obtained from the
Parliament of Latao

4. The Company will receive access to all national and international information networks related on justice and police security, incl. the criminal record datababase and the tracing intelligence systems.

5. The Company may choose the devices and material such as weapons, communication infrastructure. This includes the use of Military-infrastructure such as automatic rifles and guns.

6. The Company may arrest people who violate Latin law (related to state entry, visa-fakes, drugs etc.)

7. The Company must set free arrested people after 48 houres if they are not passed over to regular state authorities (police, justice) within that time.

8. The regular state personnel may interferre at any time, such as releasing arrested people or arrest and/or check people anywhere inside the territory of the Confederacy of Latao, also inside areas assigned to a private company.

9. The Company hands over confiscated goods to the Confedary of Latao.

10. The Company is paid by the value of confiscated goods and penalty fees from fallible people.

11. The Company receives a reduced economy tax rate of 10 %.

12. The Company reports its activites and statistics each month to the NEC, Ministry of Defence, which redirects a copy of the internation to the Ministry of Justice and Police.

Thank you for your Time and your Attention

The Confederacy of Latao
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Posted: Mar 2 2005, 04:47 PM
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Other than the fact that the Free Republic would never use corporations to protect our sovereign borders, we recognize that Latao is not Lamoni, and we voice our opinion accordingly.
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Posted: Mar 3 2005, 04:51 AM
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We're sure that the set of rules our Government has defined will ensure, that there is no risk of a less quality service of protecting our international borders.
Therefore, our Neighbournations will not notice the change in a bad way. The private organization will not have more privilegs than the official authorities of the Confederacy of Latao had or have. Latao's border control forces will operate only on territorry of the Confederacy of Latao. Existing co-operation contracts with foreign authorities keep their validity.

Our Government will add the following condition to the law-framework:

13. Single point of contact for international negotations for all parties will still be the Confederacy of Latao, however the private organizations are embedded intot the contracts as sub-parties at Latao's side.

The Confederacy of Latao is convinced, that this new model will not only save our tax payer's money, it will also bring a significant increase of security from which also our Neighbours will benefit.

The new regulations will be added to the official Country Page of Latao at as soon this process has completed.
Latao NEC - Secretary of Defence

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