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Bushes Been Quaked National Info
Posted: May 3 2007, 07:53 PM
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The Overly Defensive Nation of Bushes Been Quaked is, well, overly defensive.

Major Cities

Puslinch - Largest City by population, holding almost 19 million people.
Port Cobourne - Large Port, lots of businesses set up HQ here.
Aberfoyle - The near literal center of the country, large industrial town.
Kezia - The Capital City of Bushes Been Quaked. Contains almost 15 million people.

Why it's called Overly Defensive?

Well, simple really the nation, has a large wall built around it. The nation is extremely paranoid of what is going on around them, and spends alot of money on defense and Law and Order.

Bushes Been Quaked
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Posted: May 22 2007, 06:38 PM
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Official Country Name: The Overly Defensive Nation Of Bushes Been Quaked
Short Country Name: Bushes Been Quaked
Technology Level: abit higher then average, especially in Military
Form of Government: Monarchy
Government Leader: King Robert the VI
Capital: Kezia
Official Language(s): English
Other Language(s): Quakien
Official Currency: Cap
National Motto : All are friends
National Anthem : Fall From Grace (instrmental)
National Animal : Polar Bear
Religions: Atheist 50% Protestant 50%
Nationality : Bushian
Ethnic Groups: Bushian 99% Other (mostly Quakmybushian) 1%
Ethnicity : Caucasian 80% Russian 15% Other 5%
Life Expectancy: Total: 74 Male 78 Female 70
Median Age: Total: 25 years Male: 24 years Female: 26 years
Adult Literacy: Total: 99% Male: 99.9% Female: 98.1%

Location : Mid Atlantian Oceania
Capital City : Kezia
Largest 4 Cities : Aberfoyle, Port Cobourne, Puslinch, Kezia
Climate: Cold
Lowest Point: Central Lake -198m
Highest Point: Mount Reise 2464m
Natural Resources: Copper, Uranium, Bush Fruit
Natural Hazards: Blizzards

Voting System:
The next inline get the power and keeps it until they kick the bucket.
Parliament - The Monarch has a large amount of advisors that tell him what to do.
Armed Forces
Alot, Bushes Been Quaked has always been a scared nation, over 150 million troops.


0001 Nation founded by King Robert I
0006 Major Invasion, many Bushians killed.
0008 Wall of Bushes Been Quaked Erected
0010 Communist Uprising in South BBQ
0015 King Robert I passes away. King Robert II in power
0015-0156 alot of nothing
00157 current year.
Bushes Been Quaked
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