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The Regent's Address (Atlantis Foreign Update)
Posted: Dec 20 2012, 07:42 PM
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From the Office of the Regent
12th December, 2012

Dear Friends and Neighbours,

I would like to take the time to adress the Royal Court, the Commonwealth Assembly and our friends around the world. Just over six months ago, I was approached from a diplomat from Atrigeas with the proposal to form a confederation of regions, sharing a forum and co-operating for their common good. I was overjoyed to receive such a suggestion as I had been quietly pondering such an idea for some time. This joining of regions soon became the Commonwealth, and diplomats from different regions soon began flying around the globe to discuss their articles of Confederation. Soon enough, a joint forum was created and we jumped into the unknown to live amongst one another as confederates. There have been good times and bad over these past six months and there have been moments of total despair, where the future of the Commonwealth was put to such doubt that every region has considered parting ways. Sadly, we have lost two regions on the way. But now, after months of difficult negotiations, the Final draft of our Charter has been put to the remaining regions for the final decision to be made. I am happy to announce that the Triumvirate of Atlantis has formally approved the Charter and is ready to sign it and legislation to provide for the selection of Commonwealth Representatives is currently being drafted for consideration by the Atlantis Assembly of Nations.

I wish to thank all those that have made the Charter a success. Likako and Deckard from New Sorvun, Zander from Valtamrei (now United States of Europe) and PUT from Atrigeas. Most of all I wish to thank Mestra from Atlantis, whose contributions have impressed diplomats from all the regions invloved and whom has served in his role as Charter Representative diligently and with great finesse. Thanks to these people, and others from across the Commonwealth, we are at the last stage of preparations. But, there is still work to be done, for we have but designed our Commonwealth and now is the time to build it, to shape it and to fill it with the aspirations and dreams of our peoples.

In other matters, Atlantis has, today, passed an amendment to our Regional Charter. This Charter has brought to an end the situation in which the Delegate of the Region automatically becomes King, a circumstance which necessitated restrictions upon whom could be Delegate. Instead, it made provisions for a Delegate's to be required approval from the Triumvirate in order to be coronated and made provisions for a Regent to Head our Region in-between reigns. I am grateful and honoured to have been appointed by the Triumvirate as the first such Regent and shall serve our region to the best of my ability until such a time as a King is coronated. It is my hope that there shall no longer be political obstacles for any member of our region to assume the Delegacy as they please.

Thank-you for your time,

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Iason Kretheus of Lemmingtopias,
Regent of Atlantis.
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