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The Breaking point(A possible civil war?)
Posted: Nov 23 2012, 03:54 PM
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2:19 AM, November 24, 2012 Along the boarder between West Guiana and Legalse

"Ah so my man Johnny what's you do'in? You get those weapons that I'd be ask'in.

A younger man in a West Guianan Army uniform approaches the older man, "Yes sir I did, best time to raid the weapons storage room is at late night. Got you and your men and women a about 80 M16A2's, 40 HK45C a couple of bazookas with about two crates of rockets. "

Looking all the "toys" over, the older man smiles, "Good work, you done this area proud, now for us to raise some hell with these liberal traitors."

"Sir, if you don't mind me asking, you have around two hundred peole ready to die for what they know is right, how are you going to take on the advanced military of this country?

Smiling the older man shakes his head, "Son, look ey her' those bastards need power and technology to play their killin games, we don't need none of that. We cut their power they can't kill."

They have generators in case of a power outage."

"Son just watch us and you be learn'in."

2:50 am, Camp Anthony Army Base

The power to the base is cut, the back up generators don't come online, 250 armed people swarm the base which only has 180 active members currently on base. With in fifteen minutes of the attack half the base has been secured and with no alarm system no help is coming.

3:30 am

Sir, the entire base has been secured, the 180 personal have been executed expect for the Comander. The weapon storage rooms has ample supplies to last us for a larger attack."

Good work, with this base we can better equip our selves and anyone else who wants to fight the liberals of this nation. How many casualties did we take?"

"We only had three die, the surprise attacked worked very well."

"Good, now just for giggles I want you and three others to tape the execution of the bases commander and we'll send it right to Gemsbrook so the whole nation can see we mean business, that we have had it with their big government takeovers and communism."

"And if they come to attack us?"

Smiling, "And that is when we send out a plea for help to the region."
West Guiana
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Posted: Nov 27 2012, 01:31 PM
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The recording clicked and whirred to a halt.

'Blimey. That's some heavy stuff. Ms. Williams, where did you get this?'

'Gemsbrook. It's where these rebels sent it after they'd filmed it.'

'Wow. So, what are we going to do about it then?'

'Well, we could help these rebels shake off their "oppressive reigime", or side with the actual government.'

'Have the West Guianan Government issued a statement about this?'

'As of yet, no.'

'Blimey. Harriet, do you think they're trying to cover it up?'

'No, Mr. Browne, I don't. I personally believe they may be to dumbstruck to say anything. Rather like you were for the 30 seconds after the recording ended.'

'Good point. Well, we won't do anything until someone comes out with an official statement...'
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Posted: Feb 10 2013, 06:11 PM
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(Time for me to start rping again)

7:09am, Gemsbrook
President Samuels was a sound a sleep when the phone rang, it would only ring in the case of a threat to national security. Though he had gone to bed late that night he woke quickly and answered it, "Okay, i'll be down there right away, no I want to go over everything before we make the final decision."

The rebels had sent in a tape to the Department of Defense of a very bloody execution of a base commander. Which this sent Gemsbrook in the dead of night into a total lock down of all government buildings.

Upon entering the Security room in the lowest level of the Presidential mansion, there sitting around the table of twenty or so chairs was West Guiana's top military brass with very stern but worried looks on their faces.

President Samuels sits down and motions for everyone to do the same, "General Ronlad what is the latest from Camp Anthony? I want to get to the bottom of this right away."

"Sir, a right-wing militia known to the locals as The Brothers of Liberty, an organization that the Bureau of Investigation(BI) had listed them as potential domestic terrorists. They have a membership of around 5,000."

"Can some one tell me how the hell they got themselves enough weapons and ammunition to seize one of our bases?"

"Sir, our intelligence believes that they had members in our own armed forces stealing weapons and ammo."

President Samuels became very furious and stated in a loud voice, "How in the hell can something like that go unnoticed? General Falonzo, you're the head of the Armor Deportment which keeps a close eye on our nations weapons, explain how this happened"

Well...Sir, I must admit that some of those who are in charge of the depots may be some times paid off.."

Gen. Ronlad interrupts for good reason, "General...that is total bull -explicitive removed- and you know that...tell us the truth."

Gen. Falonzo.. stuttering, "I will say that I haven't for the past six weeks inspected...the depots and those who over see them..."

Pres. Samuels sternly, "General, as your slalom duty to serve and protect the United Federal States of West Guiana, you have failed to up hold that. Know though in your opinion why do you think these soldiers may have accepted money not to report any of this?"

"That Sir, like everyone in this room..I don't know. That is their job to protect those storage's and over see every thing in them. The reason for many to be 'paid off' is truly frightening to know of."

"Know them men and lady..what are we going to do. Of course the in this circumstance we should fight back and kill them all, but these are not foreign invaders, these are our own people. In this case we are and should be limited.
Now I know some of you are dumb founded why I say such a thing, but I stand by it. this seems to be a group of people that seem hell bent on getting our attention, which they have. Killing 180 of our own armed forces is I agree that I must and should, completely unacceptable. However though there is a larger unlined problem that forced these people to act in such a way."

"Well Sir, The Brothers of Liberty believe that the government is the source of all evil and must be destroyed. Yet when it comes to their rights that the government gave them and all the people of West Guiana they'll defend them like no other."

"Before we end this meeting, I want at lest 2,000 troops with in three miles of Camp Anthony along with mmm...five to seven Abram-1 tanks for insurance. I do not want to open fire on them unless they do so first. In the case though that this group holds more fire power than we know of, assemble two F-16s."
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