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The #20 in it's Early Stages This was the second diecast to be based directly off a paint scheme first designed using the NASCAR Racing 4 Racing Simulation Game's Layout. However, the paint scheme was actually created with the diecast in mind. There already was a #20 Verizon car on the Online Racing Circuit, and it was due for a redesigning. Using the capabilities of the diecast as a guide, the #20 Verizon Paint Scheme was born for NASCAR Racing 4. After seeing positive results with the scheme in simulation mode, it was then agreed upon to move forward with the creation of a similar diecast. Using a 2002 Chevrolet Monte Carlo body, similar to that in which the scheme was designed, the #20 Verizon car known so well in the Online Racing Arena stepped out of it's virtual shoes and into those of a real diecast race car.

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If you are interested in a customized diecast for your personal or business use, you may contact 3wideRacing.com via the Contact Form, or by E-Mail at Diecast@3wide.com.

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