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Syndicatian State of Emergency
Posted: Jul 22 2013, 12:16 PM
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Status Report: 60 Days After Tsunami Event

Many things can happen in two months. Nowadays, the fronts of war can fall in a single week, and Ahlenfi aggressors have been relentless in their attack of the war front. Because of this, however, neither have our brave men and women, who recently claimed the stronghold of Taqur from the Ahlenfi Menace. The city has been placed under the protection of local rebel groups, who have sided with the Syndicate in an attempt to overthrow their corrupt Emir.

Speaking of which, Syndicatian Intelligence has reported that the Emir has not been seen in over two weeks, and that the cause has been left to his military generals, who seek to claim areas of the Syndicate for their own agenda. The enemy is now nothing more than an organised insurgency group - one that is targeted against us thanks to a corrupt leader's regime.

The summer heat has been hard on those fighting in Ahlenfi, but help seems to be on the way with the discovery of new technologies - the [REDACTED], which has an immense affect on local weather systems - is now working thanks to top scientists from across the region, and this has quelled the threat of climate change and has allowed plant species to flourish. It's range is being extended as we speak to the deserts of the country, and given enough time, life will return to the barren sands.

As for more local matters, Westonbirt is still under occupation by Ahlenfi Forces, and food drops and weapons caches have so far proved ineffective. An underground resistance force mad up of local men and women have done their best to sabotage Ahlenfi plans, and the brave men and women of Savski Venac have continued their unwavering support.

Our neighbours of West Guiana have graciously offered their support in terms of bolstering the economy, and we have accepted their emergency funds. A quarter of the funds provided have gone directly to the rescue effort, providing families with income to live their lives day to day, and also to provide food and shelter to those in their most vulnerable state, be it from the Tsunami or the War. Money has also been wired to those staying in Ibex, so they can afford accommodation in the nation, instead of having to work in the gruelling camps. The remaining 75% has gone to subsidies to the Agricultural Industry and the Energy Industry, as many of the Syndicate's offshore wind farms were destroyed in the event, causing households all over the country to experience brownouts in the past two months. The agricultural industry has received grants in which to develop new technologies that produce greater yields, in order to recoup the losses of land caused by the Tsunami.

Moving on to international events, the Vegai "relief effort" into Kagdazka has not gone unnoticed, and the Syndicate are choosing to remain neutral at this present time due to the obvious other events we currently have ourselves tied with. We can see how our own war with Ahlenfi may be misconstrued as a mere land grab, however due to the nature of the Emir, and the fact that Syndicate has already lost so much, we can assure the world stage that our actions are entirely justifiable. If anyone does have any concerns, however, do not hesitate to contact us on the usual channels, and have your opinion heard.

It's been a long two months, and I hope it's only a matter of time before the menace sees the error of their ways, and we can reach the war's logical conclusion.

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