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AOCAF 57: Yet Another Islander Host Bid
Posted: Nov 5 2018, 11:43 PM
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It's been eight editions since a continental nation hosted one of these (VilTur colonies not withstanding). Weird.

Who're you?
Former host of a Cup of Harmony as Falcus (58, with the Free Republics) and a World Bowl (20, as Karditan) who's looking to get back into hosting after an elongated hiatus. As Mriin I've restarted NS with a renewed passion, putting a concerted effort into being a consistent and hopefully entertaining member of community.

What are you doing?
Scorination: xkoranate, NSFS formula, additive style. Cumulative RP bonus atop the AOCAF ranks and a roster bonus, the standard complement.

Format: Some permutation of 4- or 5-team groups, numbers permitting. Ideally obviously being 28, 30, or 32, but it's going to be a pretty standard affair of top 2 + x best 3rd place either way 'cause I ain't touching playoffs or swiss.

Breakers: H2H Points, GD, H2H GD, GA, one-off baseball game (NSFS formula, RP + roster bonus only).

What's your IC shtick?
Mriin is a modern, liberal democratic 'republic'. While a legislature does exist and have power to ensure no part of running the state falls through the cracks, referenda are a part of daily Mrii life and is how most major legislation is decided upon. Also, satyrs (which in practical terms are Humans, But multicolored and with various goatlike features, in all honestly) are the prevalent race.

The nation is largely split up along the lines of its three main islands, each with their own distinct demographics and culture--though those lines have been blurring in the internet age. Each has one most prominent city that would play host to most AOCAF games should this host bid be chosen.

Easthold holds the capital city of Maal, the metropolitan megacity just a few miles off of the shores of Osarius to the north. Home to the oldest Mrii football clubs, the newest and largest stadium, and by far the highest percentage of human residents. Immigrant communities--built through a program that rewarded monetary incentives for those who moved in and took root in the area--flourish and grant a phenomenal kaleidoscope of cultures (and food!) to take in when roaming the streets.

Seastone's pride is Vidial, a centre of study for science, engineering, and even the arcane (and any mix thereof). The red sandstone spires of the city's various flagship universities serve as waypoints for navigating the (occasionally infuriatingly) twisting roads. For those avid connoisseurs of fine alcohol, the many taverns and dens serve a variety of storied ancestral home-brews and cutting-edge concoctions birthed in an extremely competitive beverage industry. The human ratio is also relatively high here, mostly through foreign university students.

Westhold is the most reclusive of the islands. Hosingr houses most of the Mrii industrial base, which is still almost exclusively staffed by satyrs as Maal's pull of middle management and tech jobs generally outstrips what they have to offer. Still, the city is one of the best for a pure football fan. Intimate, well-kept stadiums and passionate fanbases of teams willing to put in the effort to field a quality product have all left a distinct mark on Hosingr. Some of that faith was tested when AFC Hosingr opened the pocketbooks to become the first Mrii team to start an array of non-satyrs, but the immediate improvement they brought to the team was more than enough appeasement.
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