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New Islands Dicovered
Posted: Apr 15 2013, 01:11 AM
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OOC - reposted from WC64 RP thread

Far to the north of the Nothandryun shores, the Vegai Marine Exploration ship Nasdr Dath’ymuus had slowed to a crawl. The Salamantic Sea here, on what must be the extreme northern edge of Atlantian Oceania, had grown calm - a state that left the crew of the research vessel more than a little disturbed. The Salamantic could be brutal in her insistent force, but at least It kept you on your toes.

The Nasdr Dath’ymuus had been sailing northwesterly for nearly six weeks as it tracked a mated pair of rare Blue Whales. It was indeed the longest single chance that anyone in history had ever had to study the beasts and despite now being on the extreme limits their supplies offered, no one was yet ready to let them go and head home. If supplies ran out they could always fish and there was a water desalination filter system on board. Still six weeks out was new territory. They hadn’t seen any land at all since passing the lonely rock formation known simply as “The Pillars” on day 11 and hadn’t seen or heard from another vessel since shadowing a Maraqui tuna boat on day 14. Forty days at sea - the last 26 of which had been all by themselves. If any major problems arose on the home trip…

Captain Race Mur’gon and lead scientist Karik Bar;juii were on the bridge discussing just how much longer they would follow the massive sea creatures when a shout went up on deck that broke up the near argument. They listened, stunned by what they might have heard. Again came the cry “Land Ho!”. It was the last thing either of them would have expected. This distant foothold of AO was predominantly uncharted but few, if any, would have laid bets as to there being any land of mentionable size other than Svengarda in the far waters of the Salamantic.

Both men raced to the foredeck to see for themselves that which had been thought- had not even been thought of. And there on the horizon sat a low cloudbank that swirled in the mid afternoon sun. On occasion the clouds would clear for just a peek at the sheer stone cliffs and green cap of the island that was still at least a day’s sail northward.

“I wonder how that got there.” was all that Race could mutter.

* * * * *

It had been nearly a week since the [I]Nasdr Dath’ymuus]/I] had quite suddenly come upon these strange shores far to the northwest of Nothandryun. The quest for learning they had followed had been rewarded by three weeks of close study of a mated pair of Blue whales, the first ever of such length. The discovery of the three small islands this far out had bee a happy mistake - a mistake rewarded even more by the presence of five more of the sea giants and the fact that the original pair had finally found their destination. This was going to be one hell of a report and a huge find for the Radience campus of the University of Oceanic Studies.

Karik Bar’juii not wasted a single second of the exploration group’s time since arriving in these faraway waters. The eleven members of his team had been split into separate groups. Six of the scientists on board, those more specialized in the whales that had been the purpose of the trip, worked in two groups of three - one group during the day and the other at night. Whale research, particularly of the Blue Whales, had funded this trip and he would not allow ample time for studying the magnificent creatures to slip away from them. The studies they were now conducting would be classed alongside some of the most important marine studies ever made.

Four of the scientists aboard were more general in their expertise and had been included to study other life found in the cold waters. The discovery of these new islands outranked that priority and the four had been assigned by two to the smaller landing boats the research vessel offered. Along with a crewman each from the [I]Nasdr Dath’ymuus]/I], the pairs had spent their days surveying the islands and finding out as much as they could before Bar’juii reported his findings.

He opened up his laptop and began to type out the message.

* * * * *

“Here in these northern waters we have made a huge discovery, not only concerning what appears to be a mating ground for the Blue whales, but what appears to be three islands with some form of historical import… The islands themselves appear to be broken by what the size and shape of the craters would indicate to have been a meteor shower. Surely one of such a magnitude to have caused this would have been seen on Atlantian Oceanic shores and should be noted in some form of ancient histories… will have to check on that… huge cliff faces sheer and unbroken in some areas… islands would have resembled the Tepui mesas… thick forests atop all three… exquisite architectural ruins remain seemingly intact… too difficult to access at this point… arched stone span once connected the two closer islands… evidence of a sunken shipyard… rotting wooden hulls… nearly wrecked the ship on submerged causeway that connects the big island to the one further away… not equipped for such an outing. We need more supplies and help…
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