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Lightning In A Bottle
Posted: Apr 26 2014, 02:44 PM
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Continued from here.

With Starblaydia becoming a cauldron of extreme nationalism, it was decided in a secret meeting of the Military Council and Tobias Raynor, that the Starblaydi were not to be relied upon. While Starblaydia and Valanora were still publicly allies, as far as the Vanorian military machine was concerned, they were neutral and a rouge state waiting to happen. With that in mind, they had pushed forward with the testing of the new Curfion series 4, improving upon the fuel usage of the previous model and upping the weapon capabilities for non space combat. The laser cannons were now being fueled directly from the reactor rather than having a filter, a design which was hoped to reduce heat build up and recharge times.

To test out the new model, the Navy and Imperial Navy had set up a training exercise north of Vyinta, setting up various targets in both the water and on the unoccupied island to the north. There were abandoned military bases there, long since picked over by looters and treasure hunters, hoping to snatch up whatever the foolish armed forces left behind. Even a simple crate of ammunition could fetch a nice price on the black market, if you knew the right contacts. As far the Navies were concerned though, there was no one alive on the island and no country worth its weight in gold who laid claim to it, seeing fit to set up targets.

Yet something went awry as the Curfion X4 powered up its laser cannons... they were not stopping at the safe levels. With sweat on the brow and looking anxious as he hit the various commands on his console to stop the charging, the weapons officer was failing to actually do anything as the gauge kept ticking up. First over one hundred twenty percent, the one hundred fifty, then one hundred seventy-five, before hitting two hundred... and firing...

The beam erupted from the head of the vessel like a flash of lightning and went straight forward, sizzling the top of the ocean as its path went straight into the island. Only the radioactive and heat barriers built into the cabin kept the crew from being sun burned or even cooked by the beams extreme heat and radiation. The island was not so lucky, as it surface seemed to be cut in two, and the west side sinking into the ocean. There was calm for a few minutes... before a giant seventy foot wave was seen coming back at the island... sweeping over it like a pack of piranhas on a piece of bloody meat.

In a single afternoon... an entire island was sunk into the ocean... and the consequences of that action loomed heavy on the test crew of the ship. Just what had they done... where had the error come from? And worse yet... had it been intentional... were these new weapons supposed to be that strong? If so, for what purpose?
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