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OOC: Should AO Have a Gameplay Recruitment Thread?
Posted: Sep 19 2017, 09:19 PM
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While strolling through the main NS Forums earlier, I realized that every region is allowed to have a thread in the gameplay forum for the purpose of bringing new players to their region.

So, the question is: should we have a regional recruitment/advertisement thread there?

If we did, we could explain the benefits of not only the region but also NS Sports, as we're currently the only major NS Sports region that doesn't have a password. It might even increase the quality of NS Sports in general if we can bring more quality roleplayers to the fold. We might even be able to bring in other maps/graphics people, or someone who can program that's willing to make updates/fixes to xkoranate and/or NSFS.

It would also be fair to mention possible drawbacks. We might draw the attention of less sophisticated NSers. We might need more concrete written policies such as WA nations being required to endorse the delegate or an official RMB message policy. We also might need to be willing to eject any troublemakers that come our way. But these are all things that are facts of life anyhow.

Overall, I think the potential positives of a NS Gameplay forum recruitment/advertisement thread outweigh the negatives. What does everyone else think?
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Posted: Sep 20 2017, 11:56 AM
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Personally I'm not hugely 'for' it, if you want to bring quality roleplayers into AO then I favour an invitational approach rather than a free-for-all.
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