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Posted: Jul 22 2020, 02:08 AM
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Capital City: Jovannica (The giant dot on the map)

Info: The Empire of the Jovannic has a population of 26 million, with 6.1 million in Jovannica, 4.5 in Golda and 4.2 in Horimat, the three largest cities. The climate is tropical in the south but much cooler temperatures in the north east regions. The Island of Hong is another Tropical place. In the summer, highest temperatures are at about 31 degrees Celsius and 23 degrees celsius in winter seasons. There is an obscure ski resort on the mountain of Gyse, the only place with ample snow in The Jovannic. The military comprises of about 1.1% of the population. The most popular sports in The Jovannic are Football, Hockey and Badminton, among others. Full Factbook is coming soon.
The Jovannic
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