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Posted by: West Guiana Apr 7 2013, 05:03 PM
National News Network

Sunday April 7, 2013

Three days after President Jackson signed into law a very controversial gun law in response to the July 9th killing spree at the University of Myto by Jeff Michles and Sam West which killed 19 people. The shooting ended when police killed the gunmen.

President Jackson says that the law will tighten gun laws in the nation even more than they already are. A new World Assembly Census Report shows that even though West Guiana has some tough gun laws we rank in the top 30 in Atlantian Oceania when it comes to most guns per-person.

The People's Association for Gun Rights (PAGR) says that this law is unconstitutional and will let the federal government to take people's guns away or throw gun owners in jail. To which the co-sponsor of the bill Sen. Richard Rolfe says the bill will not do anything of the sort, saying that the bill will expand background checks and a national data base will keep gun purchases for five years before the files are deleted. Even though the PAGR says they will take this to court.

National Security
President Jackson sparked regional havoc and outrage when he jokingly threaten to use nuclear weapons against The Eastern Empire of Ibex. This caused several hours of back and forth between our government and that of Legalese which in response said that West Guianas military is small compared to that of theirs. Along with this our government and Falcania also had a few hours of back and forth discussion over WMDs.

It become tense when the Legalesen government said that their people believe the land to which West Guiana sits on is a national birthright and they own the rights to that land. To which the National Board of National Security(NBNS) has since recommended building a boarder fence along our boarder with Legalese. President Jackson along with WG Military Commander, General Davidsons urged in a strongly worded letter that the NBNS take back their recommendation saying that they should get West Guiana involved in a diplomatic situation.

Secretary of State Hilda Freemans believes that now is the time for the nation to strengthen their ties to its neighbors specifically The Inevitable Syndicate, which we've had cool relations with ever since their founding. The Secretary of State believes that we must strengthen our extremely weak diplomatic ties with those in the region, mainly the newer nations and not the ancient superpowers, though with the them we must maintain non-threatening relations.

Posted by: West Guiana Apr 12 2013, 02:38 PM
National News Network

April 12, 2013


Since signing into the new tougher gun laws into law President Jacksons' approval rating has taken a hit mainly among conservatives moving from 51% to 39%. However among liberals his ratting barely budged from 63% to 67%. The main reason is because many in the left believe the law didn't go far enough, that all semi-automatic guns should be outright banned.

Two days ago People's Association for Gun Rights (PAGR) has filed a lawsuit in district court in Winston, Myto that the new law is unconstitutional and that the law might give local law enforcement the right to take away peoples guns. Once again however we must reiterate that the law will not take peoples guns away but this has become a common theme in the right-wing to scare people.

Local gun lobbying groups have disclosed as required by law that the companies whom they represent have seen their profits increase by 32% in the past week. This is in response to the fear mongering by the right and PAGR our NNN poll asked people what they thought about this fear mongering being pushed around in Gemsbrook.

78% said that it is truly disgusting, and they did not approve of it. 12% believed they didn't care and 9% said it wasn't fear mongering but the truth. We surved 5,790 people with a margin of error of 4.6%


Today the National Jobs Association relased their newest job numbers from the past month and the numbers the stock market did not like. The nation added only 56,000 jobs but lost 160,000. The un-employment rate thus rose from 7.3% to 7.4%.

Posted by: West Guiana Jul 15 2013, 12:23 PM
National News Network



Candidates from all over the nation are getting ready for the 2013 Mid-term elections, the West Guiana Socialist Party is looking to hold onto their sweeping control over the House of Representatives. However though the Democratic-Republican Party is saying since the election of President Mike Jackson two years ago and since his sudden switch to the Socialist Party, it will mean trouble for the WGSP if they ran on a platform endorsing the Presidents policies. The latest NNN poll shows President Jackson approval ratings overall are 38%, this is a 22 point dive since late June when it was discovered that he cheated on his wife when she was enduing Breast Cancer asking many what kind of leader do we have who would do such an act when his wife is suffering?

If the WGSP does run on a platform that includes the President and many of his failing policies they risk losing control over the house and giving up more seats in the Senate where the DR already has a slim majority. If the DR can win a majority in the House and keep their majority in the Senate it will be much tougher for the President to get any of his policies through.

Pres. Jackson Scandal

Reports show while in early 2009 then Gov. Jackson of Myto was visiting his wife Lila in the hospital he started a relationship with a "attractive Nurse" the relationship lasted for six to eight months all the while Lila was battling stage four breast cancer. On December 9, 2009 while the rest of the nation heard news that Lila was starting to get better, Jackson and the nurse started to fight knowing that if their relationship got out it would not only ruin his marriage but his political career.

This story broke because the Nurse was threatened by the Jackson administration for arrest for untold charges. But we suspect for black mail which is a crime in West Guiana.

Posted by: West Guiana Aug 5 2013, 09:34 PM
National News Network

August 5, 2013

National News

One week after the National Congress approved $1.2 billion in aid to help in the recovery of our southern neighbor The Inevitable Syndicate, many across the nation were outraged that over a billion dollars were given to TIS despite the fact across the nation local and provincial governments have been cutting spending due to warnings have historic deficits. President Jackson even still in the mist of his own scandal told reporters at the Presidential Palace yesterday,
"People are in protest because the government gave over a billion dollars to a nation in need of help. I find that cruel in very self fish that people in this nation aren't opening their homes to those in need. We have for too long now isolated our selves from the rest of the region only caring for our own, it is time to start caring for others also. If we ever had a disaster that they are experiencing, I think the regional would open their arms in help, and we have done so."

If you're wondering how far in debt our nation is, well in 2005 when President Calman was elected our debt was standing at $9.7 trillion, on the day that President Samuels was elected that debt rose to $17.4 trillion and at this moment the debt is around $25.3 trillion. Our national GDP you ask? Well that is only $23.7 trillion, our debt to GDP is over 101% which isn't good news for the economy going forward. This year the Department of Revenue estimate that the government will bring in over $5.9 trillion in revenue, but will spend more than $7.2 trillion leaving us with a $1.3 trillion deficit.

Posted by: West Guiana Sep 11 2013, 04:17 PM
September 11, 2016

user posted image

Day Five of massive protests around the country, demanding all members of congress resign and that the President also resign. It was leaked to the media a week ago that since the overthrow of the Socialist government that ruled West Guiana from 1961 to 1976, the levels of corruption had run rampit. Last year alone, the Sammuels administration handed out over $16.8 billion in tax payer money to keep political foes quite on the inside doings.

It was also leaked, that the government had foes assassinated in order to maintain power, this may explain the mysterious death of pro-Union leader Michel Hastings who died three years ago after mounting a campaign against the government. His death was ruled a suicide, though speculation believed he was killed. With these protests, Pres. Jackson has said he'll tolerate them for now, but warns protesters that if any violence occurs the tear gas will be used along with rubber bullets.

The man leading the charge in making sure the people do not lose sight in what is truly important is former Senator Ulika Ma'ti from Wellington. He lead the charge during the Calman administration against the use of drones being used on domestic soil. Ma'ti however says the government several years ago made a attempt on his life and is now using it to further the protesters, believing that West Guiana must take new paths for a new government.
user posted image
(Ulika Ma'ti)

We asked Mr. Ma'ti exactly what he means


NNN: What exactly do you mean by new government, by overthrowing the current system?

Ulika: Oh the word overthrow seems so violent, I mean that the people must rise up and demand the government resign. West Guiana from the out side makes it self look as everything's all ok in the inside. When in truth we have crippling problems in this country that happen to originate from congress.

NNN: Even to this day, do you believe you'd be the right person to lead the nation?

Ulika: Look, West Guiana has not had a trust worthy government since before the overthrow of the royal family, back in 1956. It was at that time the people realized they could have more, than a king or queen, but I feel even now we moved too quickly. Which has resulted in the mess we are in now. But if the people of this country needed to real leader, and asked me, of course i'd accept.

NNN: Now this is just fake idea, but if the government were overthrown or what, what system of government would you choose to install?

Ulika: Simple, id get rid of democracy, in this region the nations that are doing the best have no elected officials, and they enjoy stability.

NNN: So you'd rather be a dictator?

Ulika: i'd use the term benevolent dictator, I'd make sure the people of this country are taken care of, and those who wish harm upon us will be staring down the barrel of a gun.

Posted by: West Guiana Sep 12 2013, 02:48 PM
September 12, 2016

user posted image

The image you are looking at currently is a still frame of St. Peter Circle in downtown Gemsbrook, about an hour ago there was an estimated 500,000 protesters blocking traffic and chanting for the government is resign. Roughly around 1:07 pm, 6,000 police in riot gear marched with in 50 yards of the front of the protest line. Several protesters started to throw rocks at them which the police responded with tear gas.

We estimate about 500 canisters of tear gas were used, to disperse the crowds. The police had to use several rounds of rubber bullets after a few protesters created a make shift barrier. Ulika Ma'ti, called the action of the police brutal and un-needed,
These people were simply exercising their rights. They weren't doing anything wrong, if our government cant take a few protesters, then it shows they have no need to govern."


A few moments ago the office of President Jackson, released this statement:
What we saw, earlier today is horrifying, the police did as they were ordered to do. This violent anti-government, anti-freedom protesters needed to be dispersed as they were determined to block the days traffic. I along with many members of congress am displeased with Ulika Ma'Ti's comments and hope he gets his head out of the clouds. His words telling the people to protest even more, are un-needed.

however though, in order to deter even more protests, I am placing the whole of West Guiana under Martial Law. The national curfew shall be nine pm, any one outside at that time will be arrested.

Military Police, already out in the streets in Gemsbrook.
user posted image

Posted by: West Guiana Sep 11 2014, 05:17 PM
user posted image

Gateway Canal opens

After eleven years, two civil wars and 789 billion dollars latter the 231 mile long Gateway Canal welcomed the first ships early today. The canal connects the Myto River in northern East to the East River in southern Ocean, and overall connects Lake Bekk to the Calania Sound.

When first thought of by then President Calman the idea was to help the national economically as it will help serve three other nations to help export their goods to international markets with a small fee. As of a 2011 estimate the canal will boost the WG economy by WG 300 billion a year in revenue and increase the GDP by 3.1% over ten years.

Posted by: West Guiana Jun 20 2015, 12:56 AM
Premier DeCader announces plan to enhance economy

Today before a joint session of the Peoples Assembly, Premier Louis DeCader announced his plan to help enhance and grow the nations stagnate economy. In his plan he calls on the congress to pass the POT (protecting our tomorrow) which would force the congress each year to maintain congressional spending at no more than 110% of net income for the first ten years of implementation. After ten years the percentage will decrease to 99%, leaving 1% of congressional income in a "rainy day fund", which can only be accessed via a 60% majority of both houses.

Part two of his plan is to lower the national tax of those making below $30,000 from 30% to 11% and to those who make less than $15,000 to 0%. This he estimates will save the country over $46 billion in welfare and food stamps over the next five years. Right now the national unemployment rate is and has been sitting at 14.5%, cutting taxes the lowest earners will increase their incentive to purches more goods, thus increase overall demand. 15% of the nation makes less than $30,000 a year, a small minority but an important one, as these people are more reliant on public goods and services that many take for granted.

Part three is spending $230 billion over the next five years on updating the nations aging infrastructure and building new railroads. The average bridge over the St. Johns river in Gemsbrook is 52.8 years old and each year costs the Myto DOT $78,000 in repairs and maintenance. Replacing that bridge would cost $92.8 million , but would reduce the cost of maintenance and repair by 80% over the next six years. Replacing or repairing our roads, bridges and transportation hubs will help create 178,000 temporary jobs.

As of right now the P.O.T is not favourable to pass, but a WGCN poll shows that of a sample of 4,672 people 77% favour the bill while 13% oppose.

Posted by: West Guiana Jun 26 2015, 02:42 PM
Boarder fence coming down

user posted image

(Below Boarder guards in 2017 at the then WG-TIS boarder)
user posted image

Premier DeCader today has announced that the fence that was erected in 2012 during the presidency of Mick Jackson, will be torn down over the coming months. Premier DeCader says that the fence was built during a time of high tension in the region after Andossa Se Mirtin Vega had seized a portion of land on the Calania continent, angering the hot headed Starblaydians. The fence was part two of the national security project that erected another more advanced fence at our boarder with Legalese.

However though DeCader says the fence between West Guiana and Legalese will remain.

Posted by: West Guiana Aug 10 2015, 06:05 PM
New Building to grace the skyline of downtown Gemsbrook

The newest addition to the Gemsbrook skyline will the United Gemsbrook Trade Center (UGTC). The project is headed by Futi Tech co based out of St. Johns who are the ones who spear headed the project which right now is estimated to cost $3.8 billion. The smaller of the two towers (tower 1) will have 98 floors of which the first three will have restaurants and chain stores. The taller of the two (Tower 1) will have 104 floors, which the first two floors will be occupied by the Gemsbrook PD and National Police.

Leasing per-sqaure foot starts around $400.
user posted image

Posted by: West Guiana Aug 25 2015, 04:59 PM
Press TV

Julia - The scene you are seeing on your tv is a still of a picture taken by one of our crew on their phone who was heading to the Dockyard Feast for a live report for tonight's news at ten. We are right now unsure what has happened, but we are positive that the explosion occurred by the dockyards near where the CarlMock band was performing in-front of an estimated 20,000 people.

Dave - Hold on Julia, we are getting word from police who were near the area believes that this maybe an act of terrorism. We have Lt. Jane Louis on the phone with us, lieutenant Louis, can you hear me?

- Lt. Louis - "Yes, I can hear you"

Julia - "Can you explain to us quickly what occurred?"

Lt. Louis - "I was patrolling along the street three blocks from the docks when a van with a logo of a pizzeria flew past, it rammed into the stands where the concert was going on, the next thing I remember is seeing a massive ball of fire. I say this because seconds latter I was thrown onto the street by a shock wave, which blew out the windows of many businesses. I'm sorry but I have to go"

Dave - "We'll stay live until we hear from Premier DeCader which I can expect that will happen soon.

Julia - "Do we have a camera even a skycam from downtown? We do, well lets get that up and see what is happening"

*Another still appears on screen*
The Dockyards is filled with fire and what appears to be burning bodies and people running away, the screen goes black.

Julia - Her mouth is open and shaking her head, "Oh, God...Wha..ho.w

Posted by: West Guiana Dec 20 2015, 03:41 AM
user posted image


[i]Good afternoon fellow citizens of West Guiana, today at my direction I have ordered my ministers to take our nation and our future into a new light. Over the past two years while I have held this nation together we have won many battles we've faced, but the greatest one is yet to come and I ask you to come with me hand in hand to a new bright future under the red banner of communism.

Our nation was once nearly destroyed by greedy and selfish bankers dressed up as politicians pushing through their agenda that would have made slaves out of the common people while rewarding the rich for their destructive behavior.

I understand that this comes to a shock and it is not a decision that was not made lightly, communist rule in West Guiana will however be much different, than how you already live. All corporations not owned by the government will now be, lowering prices on basic goods that serve to benefit all West Guianans.

Salaries and benefits shall remain the same, however though all union contracts will now be made through the new Peoples National Workers Union (NPWU). One thing that must remain the same is our nations democratic process and the political parties that currently exist.

So today I ask every Guianan to join me hand in hand to help build this new West Guiana, a nation that will not cower in fear but will take a stand, and stand up to the bullies of the world and the oppressors of the poor and disabled. Join me in building the next great empire!

Posted by: West Guiana Jul 7 2016, 10:45 PM
Pro Independence Protests Plague the Semi-Autonomous Republic of Southern Legalese

user posted image
(The flag of the Republic of Southern Leaglese)
Around 5,000 people gathered outside the Southern Legalese Legislative building in downtown Legalese City, Myto many demanding full independence from what they called "The occupiers" (West Guiana).

President of the RSL Adam DeWhite who is a member of the United National Front, a pro-Independence party, stood with the protests and in a short impromptu speech via microphone said, "My brothers and sisters, I have long yearned for freedom and for our own country. We are ancestors of our cousins to the north, yet hold many different cultural differences, but those pale to those between us the occupiers of our land!

The West Guiana designated terror group the Freemans Army, a pro- RSL independence military group has promised that if DeCader tries to intervene or refuse the demands of their people they will take action through violence. In a post on social media they promised, "The imperialist occupiers will die if they do not allow us our own state."

Premier DeCader said in a statement that he will reinforce the nations policy that Southern Legalese under treaty is sill part of West Guiana, and that the terror group the Freemans Army will pay the price if they dare to attack West Guianan citizens or military.

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