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AOCAF 58 - Banija & Baker Park
Posted: Apr 16 2019, 09:14 AM
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Banija/Baker Park AOCAF 58 Host Bid

The Royal Banijan Soccer Association, joined by the Football Association of the Commonwealth of Baker Park, are officially submitting their bid to the AOCAF to co-host the 58th edition of the AOCAF regional championships.

Banijan National Information

The Kingdom of Banija is a country that classifies itself as a semi-constitutional monarchy. A nation that is freshly a member of Atlantian Oceania, it is led by the Kabaka(which translates to King), and the current monarch is Kabaka Mwanga. The Kabaka is the Head of State and responsible for the country's foreign affairs.

The Lukiiko(translates to Parliament) is a democratically-elected, constituency-based, first past the post, legislature that has the power of the purse and controls all legislative affairs for the country. The Lukiiko, every term, elects the Katikkiro(Prime Minister), who picks a cabinet and leads the government. Racially, the nation is 99.2% black. This is a very religious based Christian nation, as 92% of Banijans are affiliated with the state church, the Puritan Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, whose followers are called Puritan Mormons. Shia Islam & Sikhism are the next largest religious communities, each at 3% of the national population. The Guardian Council, a council of 6 members, with 3 picked by the Kabaka from the House of Katende(the royal house), and 3 picked by the Church, has the ability to oppose laws based on religious grounds. It takes a 5-1 majority on the Guardian Council to reject any bill passed by the Lukiiko. The head of the church is the Patriarch of Herzegovina.

Due to the massive influence of Puritan Mormonism in this nation, they are relatively socially conservative. Abortion in this country is outlawed unless the mother's life is in danger, and the church's Universal Call to Motherhood, which teaches that the destiny of each and every woman is to give birth to children and raise faithful Puritan Mormons, has heavily shaped the nation's view on the role of women in society. Therefore, it is only recently, after AOCAF LVII, where Banijan teams were legally allowed to be integrated by gender. However, this law only applies to teams based in Banija, which is why it is perfectly legal when foreign-based teams, either for away games or when Banija hosts tournaments, to have people of any gender. Consumption of alcohol in Banija is legal.

Of course, while Banija was a 3rd world country, a recent discovery of large oil has developed hope that the country can climb the economic ladder. A general lack of development in Banija, we are a country with excellent sporting infrastructure, but little else. Most roads are dirt, and while public transit within cities is excellent, between cities it is not. The climate of Banijan has a lot of natural rainforest and jungle, which means that there is no winter, only wet season and dry season. Temperatures generally range at their coldest around 60 degrees fahrenheit, and at their hottest around 110 degrees fahrenheit.

Due to the nation’s large Mormon population, there are a number of laws that are not usually seen by foreigners. The sale of coffee is banned within Banija’s borders- however, the consumption is not. Foreigners are encouraged to bring coffee with them flying into Banija, though it must be declared at all ports of entry into the country. Secondly, due to the Mormon influence, polygamy is legal for males, and many males are, indeed, polygamous.

Banijan cuisine, due to the tropical climate, is based a lot on the plantain and the banana. Staple foods are things like matoke, casava, etc… And are also known for being heavy meat eaters. Banijans are known for excessively putting miraculin berries on almost all of their desert options. And, of course, while no major sun block companies operate within Banija’s borders, all stadiums and street watch parties will be ensured to have sun block available for sale for fans.

Commonwealth of Baker Park National Information

For over 125 years, the Commonwealth of Baker Park has welcomed peoples of all nations, all ethnic groups, all religions, all colors. Our citizens take pride in their heritage--both where their parents or grandparents came from and in this place they call home—and in those people who took a leap of faith to start a life in a new land, who built a nation which embraces diversity, community and equality. Today, we have 51 million residents who can claim their origins from all over the multiverse.

Centrally located within Atlantian Oceana, Baker Park is one of the top tourist destinations in the region, welcoming nearly 1.9 million visitors per year. Especially in the northern third of the country, outdoor pursuits are most popular among visitors. We have a mostly temperate climate, with autumn and early winter the times of the year when precipitation is heaviest.

The nation’s origins are rooted in commercial colonialism. George W Baker, and his 3 sons--William, Simon and John--were prolific business opportunists. Some of their ventures succeeded, some didn’t fare very well. They had a close circle of potential investors who supported them generously, probably because the Bakers always made sure to make good on any losses the other incurred.
The company they founded, George W Baker & Sons, which is now Baker International Corporation, has been the major engine of growth of the country for almost the entire history of the nation—they owned the main public utilities, they owned the major manufacturing and financial companies, and provided raw materials to the companies that they allowed to come and "compete" with them on their own turf.
But they were, generally speaking, benign robber-barons as they didn't undercut competition, didn't use the power of the state to curtail the business of these other entities (who were owned, as you might guess by some of the creditors they owed from the start) and didn't put profit ahead of the growth of the economy as a whole and the citizens.
Over the last 30 or so years, they have gotten out of a lot of the businesses they once owned—usually by spinning them off as publicly traded companies. Most citizens call them "The Company", The International" or just BI. Much of the history of the government and the Company has been intertwined, but usually to the benefit of society.

The country is a federal, parliamentary democracy. There are 7 constituent states, each having their own unicameral legislative body. The Parliament of the Commonwealth consists of the 175 member House of Assembly and the 56 member Council of State. Until 1978, the central figure of country was the Prince Regent, whose duties were largely ceremonial although he held a few specific rights and duties; the premature death of the last Prince left the country unprepared, as there was no immediate successor. The position was renamed Head of State and it became an elected office in 1996.

Baker Park prides itself on the array of civil liberties it offers. Cannabis is legal for use and purchase, and prostitution is not illegal, but not technically legal either. By law, prostitution arrests can be charged as no more than minor misdemeanors, although in some places it is not a criminal offense at all.
Violent crime is extremely rare in the Commonwealth. There is a higher chance you will fall off a subway platform than be assaulted or robbed with a firearm, and we take pride in the safety of our subways systems.


All groups are single round robin. All games shall be played in the host nations.

Preferred sizes
28 teams- 7 groups of four, top two in each group plus top 4 third place teams advance to Round of 16.
32 teams- 8 groups of four, top two in each group advance to Round of 16.
36 teams- 6 groups of six, top two in each group plus top 4 third place teams advance to Round of 16.
40 teams- 8 groups of five, top two in each group advance to Round of 16.
42 teams- 7 groups of six, top two in each group plus top 2 third place teams advance to Round of 16.
48 teams- 8 groups of six, top two in each group advance to Round of 16.

Non-Optimal Group Sizes
30 teams- 5 groups of six, top three in each group plus top ranked fourth place teams advance to Round of 16.
44 teams- 11 groups of four, group winners plus top five group second place teams advance to Round of 16.
50 teams- 10 groups of five, group winners plus top six group second place teams advance to Round of 16.
54 teams- 9 groups of six, group winners plus top seven group second place teams advance to Round of 16.
56 teams- 8 groups of seven, top two in each group advance to Round of 16.
60 teams- 10 groups of six, top three in each group plus top two fourth place teams advance to Round of 32.
64 teams- 16 groups of 4, top two in each group advance to Round of 32.
65+- We’ll figure it out from there.

Scorination & RP Bonus

Scorination will be done with the latest presently existing version of xkoranate. We will use the SQIS formula with xkoranate (additive) style modifiers. The ranking system used, of course, will be the official AOCAF rankings(as opposed to the KPB rankings), and RP bonus shall be cumulative throughout the entirety of the tournament. A roster shall be worth up to a full matchday's RP bonus.


For tiebreakers, we will use the following: HTH points, HTH goal difference, Overall Goal Difference, Wins, Goals Scored, Coin Flip (OOCly Rank+RP Bonus or, if still tied, we'll break the tie by scorinating tiebreaker matches until the tie is broken).



The Kingdom of Banija has hosted the following tournaments
World Bowl XXXIV
25th International Basketball Championships(co-hosted w/ Filindostan)
28th World Lacrosse Championships
29th World Lacrosse Championships(co-hosted with Razenthuria)
67th Baptism of Fire(co-hosted w/ Qasden)
Two conferences in NSCAA 7
World Cup 81(co-hosted w/ the Federation of Free Republics)

The Commonwealth of Baker Park has hosted the following tournaments
Baker Park Open Cups I & II

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Posted: Apr 27 2019, 12:12 PM
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Nice bid.

Though I'd strongly caution against having a Round of 16 with less than 32 participants.

Also, I realized that 95X should be an IC political enemy of Banija and an IC economic rival of Baker Park. o_O
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Posted: May 15 2019, 11:57 AM
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QUOTE (95X-Scottfire @ Apr 27 2019, 06:12 PM)
Though I'd strongly caution against having a Round of 16 with less than 32 participants.

Surely the Round of 16 would have... 16 participants? biggrin.gif
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Posted: May 17 2019, 02:04 AM
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QUOTE (Starblaydia @ May 15 2019, 11:57 AM)
QUOTE (95X-Scottfire @ Apr 27 2019, 06:12 PM)
Though I'd strongly caution against having a Round of 16 with less than 32 participants.

Surely the Round of 16 would have... 16 participants? biggrin.gif

I think I get what the gist is--if you've only got 24 or 28, having a Rd of 16 means more than half of the entries qualify.
Maybe a 12 team 1st knockout round makes more sense?

As for being an IC commercial rival, BP is much more interested in being a trade ally than a trade competitor. Banj lets us sell our non-caffeinated soda as well as our booze & of course we were the official Beer and Soda Partner in WC 81.
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