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Maccian and Northwest Kalactin AOCAF 61 Bid
Posted: Jul 11 2020, 10:38 PM
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IC Info
Northwest Kalactin is a nation of 20 million people, the nation has many major cities with hockey teams in them. The largest cities are Gold Coast, Coffs Harbour And Kempsey the capital and largest city in the nation is Gold Coast. The climate is hot with the summer temperatures getting up to about 110 Fahrenheit at the highest and winter temperatures falling to around 50 at the lowest. The nation is host to many domestic sports leagues across many different sports including hockey, soccer, basketball, rugby and many more.

The nation is ruled by a democratic government that has 2 different legislature departments, the upper house and the lower house. The current prime minister in Vincient Montiel, a man from humble beginnings in Gold Coast, the capital.

The nation has a soccer team that is making gradual steps to becoming an emerging power, recently breaking into the top 70 of the World Rankings. They have played in 4 different World Cup qualifiers, and have an upcoming golden generation of players that are expected to start playing in the 87th or 88th World Cups, who will hopefully propel Northwest Kalactin into international silverware. The nation shares a league with the Pripet Socialist Republic and North New South Wales and is by far the most powerful football association of the 3.

Maccian is a fairly large nation in the region of Atlantian Oceania with a population of 109 million. The nation is mostly filled with forests with an extremely low average elevation. The only mountain in Maccian, Mt. Corosila is situated in the province of Amforvet. The climate in Maccian is quite temperate, however, Maccian is very rainy all year round. King Timofeť I is the ruling monarch and under his rule football in Maccian has reached unprecedented amounts of funding.

For example, the now-professional Maccian Football League or MFL is due to commence shortly featuring over 20 teams. Ever since the National Team's exit in the Round of 32 in the Baptism of Fire 72, Maccian has been taking steps to further Maccian on the international stage and improve our infrastructure for football.

Just last week, the King announced £3.7 billion or around NS $5.8 billion to be spent on building football stadiums for the 20 MFL teams and ensuring they have state of the art facilities. Universities will also receive the funding which will help with youth development to create the next crop of Maccian footballers. Additionally, a promotion and relegation system will be implemented within the next 5 years to transition from a franchise system into a more competitive one that can generate even more revenue.

Maccian is slowly rising in the world rankings, and as such our beloved King has announced that Maccian will be putting in a bid for the 61st AOCAF alongside Northwest Kalactin. He hopes to prove to the region that Maccian is slowly but surely rising into a respectable team and exhibit how far we have come as a nation.

Scorination and RP Bonus

So what scorinator will you be using?
We will utilize NSFS as our scorinator, using the formula provided by NSFS to score every game.

Why are you not using xkoranate?

Northwest Kalactinís OS is unable to run xkoranate. We have settled with NSFS3 as we are just going to have to work with the cards we have been dealt with. This may be a dealbreaker to some and we both acknowledge this. Hopefully, this host bid is good enough to win you over, but we understand if you may be wary of the scorination aspect of the host bid.

We will use the AOCAF ranks that are provided in scorination. As we observed during the last AOCAF, the public RP grading system successfully worked last time and so we have decided to implement it once again. A google sheet will be available with the RP grades for each nation every single matchday. This level of transparency is to ensure that you as potential participants are able to trust our ability as hosts so that this tournament runs as smoothly as possible.

A small host bonus will be applied, following the same as last time.

A cumulative RP grading system will be used, with RP Bonus being generous and rewarding to nations that RP well. This will allow new nations participating to be able to compete with top sides by the end of the group stage, provided they RP both consistently and to a high standard

24 Teams: 6 Groups of 4, top 2 in each group make playoffs
28 Teams: 7 Groups of 4, top 2 third-place teams make playoffs
32 Teams: 8 Groups of 4, top 2 from each group make the playoffs
36 Teams: 9 Groups of 4, top 6 Third Place teams make playoffs
40 Teams: 10 Groups of 4, Top 4 Third Place teams make playoffs

This is, of course, ideal, so if more participants were to sign up, we would be able to adjust the format of the tournament accordingly.

Both if the users that are included in this bid are rising forces in sports, each trying to gain vital experience in hosting tournaments of a large capacity.

The user behind Maccian (also South Toronto) has hosted STIC (the South Toronto Invitational Cup), along with the NS Chess tournament I.

The user behind Northwest Kalactin has the following experience:
AOHC 7 (12 teams)
All India Open Cup as Orissa Islands (16 Teams)
Kempsey Futures Invitational (8 Teams)

We both realise that we are relatively inexperienced as hosts compared to other bidders, but hosting an AOCAF will be a huge opportunity for both of us to become emerging trustworthy hosts who can then go on to host other tournaments while accumulating more and more experience as we go along.

H2H Record
Goal Differential
Head to Head Goals For
Overall Goals For
RP Bonus

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to PM or TG Northwest Kalactin or Maccian. Alternatively, you can voice them right here.
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