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AOCAF 62 Bid- Twicetagria and OT Sylestone
Posted: Oct 6 2020, 12:36 AM
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The Twicetagrien Footballing Association and The Football Association of the Overseas Territories of Sylestone have put together a bid for the 62nd version of the AOCAF Cup.

Host info
Twicetagria, formerly known as Strayquestria and the Wolflands, is a country located in Atlantian Oceania. A humble population of about 6.5 million humans, sentient ponies, deities(mostly ancient Greek), werewolves, and vampires, Twicetagria is racially diverse. The de facto national languages include English, Twicetagrian Russian, ancient Greek and Latin, but there are 45 more known languages in Twicetagria.
Most of the Twicetagrian population lives in the huge, bustling metropolitan areas splattered throughout Twicetagria: Twice Square --the capital--, Alphaxrie(predominantly domesticated werewolves), Legothria and Sranchies(deities and demigods make up a large part of the demographics) and Velikiygrad. The more rural and natural areas of Twicetagria are uninhabited.
The deities are usually Roman and Greek who reside on Ta Yera Idafi. They are usually friendly, bar those like Ares, Mars and others who have a more serious tone. Vampires reside in the high mountains of Twicetagria’s main island, and primarily speak Romanian and English. Werewolves are heavily concentrated in Munții Mari, but they are domesticated and won’t kill.
Overseas Territories of Sylestone:
The Overseas Territories of Sylestone are a small archipelago of 12 islands located in Atlantian Oceania. They are overseen by their Esportivan neighbours named Sylestone, who are slowly becoming a force in the Sporting World. OTS is tropical and home to many wonderful critters and the such. The tourism economy runs the nation, rather like its overseers, but unlike them, basket weaving and trout fishing are also important industries. Seabindon is the territory capital and is a place where sentient objects and humans can live together. Adington and Bolton are also cities of which are located on other islands. The total population of the Overseas Territories of Sylestone is 1,093,300 citizens. The Overseas Territories of Sylestone are yet to host anything, but has six stadiums ready for use. Accommodation is generally pleasant and the national language is English.

The user behind Twicetagria has hosted Twicetagria's Football Invitational and have their own successful domestic newswire.
The other host of this bid is the Overseas Territories of Sylestone, of which the user behind has hosted the first edition of the IFC and co-hosted the Cup of Harmony 78 with Ethane, both as Sylestone. Sylestone also runs a successful domestic sports newswire.
Both users believe they can run a smooth and successful AOCAF.

Scorination and RP bonuses
Scorination will take place via xkoranate 0.3.3, using the NSFS formula with additive mods. RP bonuses will likely be graded out of 1.5 and rosters out of 2. However, a roster penalty will also be in place. For the first Matchday, there will be no penalty, but after that it will degrade by 10% each day until we reach 50%, where it will stop. However, if you post a roster after the penalty has taken place, then the penalty will remain the way it currently for the rest of the tournament. So say you post a roster after you have a 20% penalty. The 20% penalty will remain in place and bonuses will be added as normal.

32 teams: 8 groups of 4, double round robin, top 2 to RO16
40 teams: 8 groups of 5, single round robin, top 3 to RO24 *
48 teams: 8 groups of 6, single round robin, top 4 to RO32
* For the RO24, first place teams automatically qualify for RO16, second and third place teams are seeded in pairs for a 1-leg match, winner proceeds to RO16

H2H goal difference
Overall goal difference
H2H goals for
Overall goals for
Coin flip

Cutoff Times
Sylestone and I have agreed to the same cutoff time.
Tentative cutoff times: 4-6 pm AEDT, 1-3 pm SGT, 5-7 am UTC, 1-3 am EDT

Any questions?
We are very open to questions about our bid, and we accept questions via here, telegram and Discord. We’ll try to answer the questions to the best of our ability.
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Posted: Oct 9 2020, 12:27 AM
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I have confidence in this bid, as well as the Banija/Busoga bid. It will be tough call, for me personally.
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