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AOCAF LVII: Cosumar (Host Bid)
Posted: Nov 5 2018, 12:55 PM
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~AOCAF LVII: Cosumar~


Thank you for taking a moment to review The Fiefdom of Cosumar's bid to host the 57th AOCAF tournament.
We consider it long overdue for our proud, peculiar little corner of northeastern AO take its turn to host our region's centerpiece competition. In presenting the following bid, the Fiefdom Soccer Federation (FSF) swears to uphold the highest standards of fairness, professionalism and FUN, as set by the long line of distinguished Atlantian host nations before us.

Hosting Qualifications
The user behind Cosumar has been participating in NS Sports since 2010 and has been a constant member of AO since 2011. Particularly since 2013, he has been one of the community's most regular RPers and organizers, especially in the realm of Football/Soccer. Cosumar's hosting portfolio to date includes just about every important tournament in the sport, such as World Cup 78, Cup of Harmony 69, Baptism of Fire 62 and two Beach Cups. But one big piece is missing... the AOCAF!

Cosumar has also hosted World Bowl XXVII, World Lacrosse Championships XX, a solo tennis tournament and countless editions of NSCAA and NSCF. Further, Cosumar has served as the Commissioner of NSCF, a competition of unorthodox format that requires an organized nature and close attention to detail, for the last seven editions, and is also the World Lacrosse Federation President and World Bowl VP. Finally, Cosumar carefully maintains an extensively RPed five-tier soccer pyramid entering its 27th season, as well as NationStates' most detailed domestic gridiron league (CFL). ICly, Cosumar has hosted the Final of the AOCL and all three UICA tournaments.

All events overseen by Cosumar have been a success, hosted to completion with no complaints, delays or issues.

Format & Schedule
At the time of publishing this bid, there have been 25 sign-ups. Recent editions have mostly fielded either 32 or 28 nations, so we are well on-track for a standard AOCAF format. A cut-off at 32 would be my target, with 28 as an acceptable back-up on the under side and 35 or 36 as acceptable alternatives on the over side.

The ideal field of 32 teams would be sorted into 8 groups of 4 using pots based on the latest AOCAF rankings. After a single round robin group stage, the top two in each group would advance to the single-elimination Round of 16.
In an alternative 28-team format, there would be 7 groups of 4 with the top two 3rd placed-teams also advancing.
In an alternative 35-team format, there would be 7 groups of 5 with the top two 3rd-place teams also advancing.
In an alternative 36-team format, there would be 6 groups of 6 with the top four 3rd-place teams also advancing.

Currently, our goal is to get the IC thread up by the weekend before Thanksgiving, at the latest, to give entrants time to work on their rosters before Holiday Festivities. MD1 would theoretically kick off the weekend after Thanksgiving based on this timeframe.

However, Cosumar is a flexible host and will pursue the most pragmatic solutions in line with recent AOCAF precedent and tradition. I will ensure that the tournament begins in a timely manner after the host vote is held. Both the numbers and the schedule will be managed transparently with updates so that there should not be any surprises.

Scorination & RP Bonus
AOCAF 57 will be scored using most up-to-date version of Xkoranate, using the SQIS formula with additive style mods (from -5 to +5).
RP bonus will be cumulative throughout the tournament from the group stage to the final, with a roster bonus accounting for the equivalent of up to one MD's worth.
Bonuses will be applied to the official AOCAF 57 rankings provided by Vilita.

Additional RP support will be given through optional prompts and other idea fodder throughout the competition. See Cosumar and Quebec's hosting of Baptism of Fire 62 for a taste of what you may see in this AOCAF. The RP prompts will likely involve IC events taking place in each host city that may have touchpoints with your teams. However, these RP opportunities are completely optional and ignoring them will NOT disadvantage you in the bonus in any way.

Group tie-breakers will be as follows:
1. Points
2. H2H Points
3. H2H GD
4. Overall GD
5. Overall Goals Scored
6. Kron Flip (50-50)

Although the FSF has historically preferred GD over H2H in World Cup Qualifying to reward superiority over a long campaign, we propose a head-to-head emphasis for the AOCAF because there are far fewer matches. Overall GD can be skewed by one match. And when you only play a few teams, head-to-head dynamic shifts to the fore of perception. We have left goals scored as the last tiebreaker because they favor users who select a higher attacking modifier. We trust that all styles are equal under Margaret!

A bit about the Fiefdom

Cosumar is a constitutional monarchy in the extreme northeast of Atlantian Oceania. Kinda near Audioslavia, but keep going even further northeast. The current year of our calendar is 1015, marking over a millennium since Cosumarite civilization dawned with The First 5800 - shipwrecked settlers of motley ethnicity from unknown seas further north. From those 5800, our current population is now 900 million. With no true neighbors, Cosumarite civilization developed in relative isolation over its millennium. That has made us rather... unique.

Geographically, the Fiefdom consists of a large landmass called Cosumarus, a smaller landmass Klyde's Isle in its maw, and a few scattered archipelagos off the west coast (The Western Isles). The Fiefdom also encompasses many colonies and territories in space. Cosumar is a proud world leader in space exploration. (In fact, this AOCAF may mark the first time a Cosumarite space colony hosts major international competition! Interstellar transport would be provided). These technological advancements have also benefited life back home, with Cosumar being named the "Most Developed" country in all of AO and top 1% of the world by the WA Census. One example of this is the famous TransCosumar Hyperloop - a monorail system that connects cities across the country with top speeds of 800 mph. It'll get your teams to their games in record time! Most Cosumarite citizens are also implanted with microchips that allow them to process most of the world's major languages, so communication should seldom be an issue for tourists. Cosumar is also known for its wide-ranging civil freedoms (including extremely liberal perspectives on nudity/gender/sexuality), so you don't have anything to worry about in terms of inclusiveness/acceptance for your citizens either.

Despite our flair for progress, Cosumar also maintains strong links to its past and unique culture. In the east, traditional Cosumarite pagan religions can still be found actively practiced. In the west, the enigmatic blue-skinned Vloo people - though integrated into human society - still retain many pre-Cosumarite customs. Even Cosumar's densest urban areas are built to be "clean and green" and over 30% of Cosumarite land is nature reserve. The largest of which is the Parougan Wilds, a vast tract of land in northern Cosumar that contains the ancestral home, hunting range and breeding ground of the mighty Cosumarite Azure Dragon. This dragon is unique to Cosumar and has become a symbol of national identity, seen on our flag, coat of arms and even the uniform of our National Football Team.


In the end, the essence of Cosumar is the never-ending quest for balance between the scientific advancement of the future and the natural beauty and simplicity of the past. This AOCAF is a chance to celebrate that identity and share it with the region to which we are proud to belong but have too long remained aloof from.

Thank you for considering Cosumar. The FSF will be delighted to answer any questions about its bid.

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