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Posted by: Andossa Se Mitrin Vega Sep 4 2012, 02:56 AM
OOC -Please feel free to run with this however you want. Some may see an avenue to open a conflict and that is fine. Some may wish to pursue diplomatic avenues against the DSE and that is also fine. Just have some fun and we will see where it goes.


To: The various Heads of State ruling in Atlantian Oceanea .

From: Estrianii Raelea Vega
Presidente Commandante of The Draggonnii Socialist Empire,
Royal Princess of the Vegai Peoples,
Handmaiden to the Mitrin Vega

Long have we each labored to build our interests domestically and, by extension, our region. We have each tried with various degrees of success to maintain a sense of stability and as a result Atlantian Oceania has been privy to quite a long spell of relative peacefulness.

However, It is my belief that one must not become lax in their duties to one’s self and the nation he/she serves. Such dereliction of duty amounts to little more than outright treason. With homeland defense being a top priority for each and every one of us it stands to reason that we must all continue to take steps to insure our sovereignty and thwart those that would oppose and disrupt the peace of our homes.

Recent events in Atlantian Oceania have served to threaten the stability of the region. The former lands of Sorthern Northland have been reduce to little more than a nuclear wasteland while two other once prominent nations have vanished entirely. Natural disaster proved a real threat as Wight manifested itself into AO’s northeastern waters. A sleeping giant in the form of Starblaydia has begun to rumble to life. And Geisenfried and Valanora have both recently added to the area they claim as theirs.

So what does this all mean? That is hard to say at this point, yet many signs point to a waning of the peacefulness that has resided in region for so long. The only active alliance is the unlikely one that joins my own Vegai in the north to Falcanians in the south. Sleepy Starblaydia has already taken notice of that alliance and I am sure plans are being made for the Starblaydi peoples to return to their once region-wide dominant position. Add to that a very nervous Pacitalia who is looking to find their own place in this new AO as well as a very active and unknown regional quantity in the form of Vilita and things are slowly being shaken. And we haven’t even discussed the large influx of newer nations…

Therefore it is my decision that the Draggonnii Socialist Empire will take steps to protect its domestic interests as well as foreign interests and stabilize northern Atlantian Oceanic trade routes all at once by claiming a part of the deserted territory once under the control of Burchadinger. The VDF has already dispatched units to secure that part of the Calanian mainland that lies west of the 43rd Dracon Ley Line. (You will be kind enough to convert that to your own measures). These lands will from this moment be known as Burk’dyngr and be considered a sovereign province of The Draggonnii Socialist Empire and will be defended as such.

Your compliance with this matter is expected and any effort to end this occupation may result in armed conflict, I do hope this is not the case.

Posted by: Legalese Sep 4 2012, 04:47 PM
OOC: For the purposes of this, let's suppose that I do not have an embassy with the Vegai, but since I do have one formally established with their allies in Falcania, it seems the proper place to receive a communique from - assuming the Falc doesn't mind being an errand bird.

The Director-General looked at the letter, which had, in order to keep with the normal order of relations, traveled through the Falcanian embassy, and then delivered to the Foreign Service on State Street.

"So, the Vegai have decided to invade, I see," he mused.

Across from him, Director Barnes cringed slightly.

"I wouldn't go quite that far, Director-General. There's still a lot of land between the parts of Burk'dyngr and here - a lake, as well."

The Director-General laughed. "Lighten up, Willy! That was supposed to be a joke."

Barnes smiled, with a touch of unease still present. "It's just part of a growing trend that worries me a little. They claim that the expansions of the southern nations, the unease at Starblaydia being peaceful - can't blame them for that, to be fair - and all the new folks popping up near them justify adding a little land. They sound a little like their allies."

"Not quite, Barnes" the Director-General replied. "A Falcanian land grab is honest about it. They'd be more like, 'Hey, we're annexing unclaimed land, because, um, screw you, that's why!'"

"And that's not really a bad thing," he continued. "What is a bad thing is when it threatens us, and it doesn't. They smoothed over the fly-by deal, and didn't get in a shooting war with the Scotalan when they were both investigating the Wight situation, so I'd say we're on good enough terms with them. Besides, you never know what will happen with Curzon, if he ever goes Johnny Rawrcrush again like his father."

"Very true, sir" Barnes responded. "However, the fact remains that the Vegai and the Falcanians are allies, and this move by the Vegai is quite aggressive. Now, they certainly had good reason to be aggressive after the Sorthern Northland disaster, as a bad wind could've given them some serious troubles. But this move appears to be a pretense for war."

"It could also be just a message to Curzon, as well - just a friendly reminder that just because Starblaydia's not too bad at soccer anymore, they're still not the force they were sixty years ago."

"A possibility as well, sir." Barnes stood up, sensing an end to the meeting. "Shall we send a response?"

The Director-General thought for a moment. "Yes, let's, but from you to the Ambassador from Falcania - what's his name again?"

"Ser Tommen Filrix. Knight Commander of the High Order of the Falcon's Spire, I believe."

"Ah, yes, heraldic titles. I forget they're a monarchy, sometimes. Regardless, let's make the message informal. Tell Ser Filrix that we wish the Vegai well, and ask him to send on a bottle of McKinley's 3 Year (OOC - Whiskey, Bourbon-style) to them in celebration. Throw in a second bottle for Ser Filrix as well."

Posted by: Wight Sep 8 2012, 08:49 AM
At the extraordinary meeting of the Security Council in Wight Spit, up the Back Road in Old Wight, Búa King of Uncertain Dimensions gathered about him his trusted lieutenants Hassan i Sabbah the Master Assassin, Doctor Herbert West the Re-animator, and John the Baptist; together with his two special advisers on Enness affairs Mark Hampton the dead president of Bitternea – with his goat familiar, Passago - and Benjamin Lamb the dead attorney-at-law of Legalese. All manner of grumbling was going on between Wight's new neighbours in Atlantean Oceania, as the old belligerent states began to flex their muscles again in a great land-grab of the empty spaces vacated en masse by peoples of failed states during a period of decline. The broken archipelago of the new Wight in AO was itself a country deserted by the Köselî turks tired of thousands of years of internecine conflict, and now dispersed across much of the Calanian mainland in small pockets of urban communities specialising in late-night take-out food for drunks and other wayward spirits. When the small Wightling migration army arrived, it was everything they could do to make it look like a long occupied country in order to fend off the territorial interests of Falcanians and Legalites. A generally unappealing landscape, inhospitably dense sea fogs and overly familiar extra-hospitable Wightlingas seemed to encourage the superpowers to move on to more appealing lands. The Vanorans had barely registered it as a blip on the radar, even mistaking it for a blip in the radar and therefore assuming some sort of technical fault.

But, said the advisers, it wouldn't last. The fog would clear, and when the empty lands had been taken by the expansionist old nations, they would be hungry for more. And they were not likely to worry too much about haphazard assorted new states with their fledgling militaries, or in the case of Wight, their non-existent defence (sea fog and volcanic dust notwithstanding).

Hmm, says Búa, ruminating: opinions going forward, please.

“Withdraw,” said Mark Hampton, scratching the hole in his head where the ice-pick went, “it's a hole of a place, anyway. I know we are trying to make the best of a bad deal there, but really, we were conned. Pull back into the Uncertain Dimensions, where we belong.” Passago the goat raised an eyebrow at this – Mark Hampton really had turned it around. On the Lonely Road, when the dead president came to Wight in the first place, he did nothing but complain about the Uncertain Dimensions.

I require a physical place close to the lands of my dear sweet Mitty, says Búa, shaking his head: bear that in mind.

“Militarise with all possible haste,” suggested the Legalite, Benjamin Lamb, “surely of all nations Wight can think up some interesting defensive technology, what with our King and Friend being omnipotent, by and large?”

An option, says Búa, nodding: certainly an option. What level of technology are we up against?

John the Baptist had the technology analysis. “Falcanians are openly brandishing post-modern weaponry. The Vilitans and Vegai would appear not far behind. Starblaydia definitely has fallen behind, but has the capacity, if it can organise itself, to surpass all of them.”

And the Sinners, asks Búa, using a Wightling term for the elves of the south: what of them?

“Fancy swords with anthropomorphic names, chrome-plated hats and archery, so far as we can tell. Probably nothing to worry about.”

Hassan i Sabbah, who had felled whole nations with just a dagger and some arkane stealth knowledge, was not a great fan of militarisation. “Turning up at the table with a million-strong army, nova-class displacement weaponry and GSV ships-of-the-line from The Culture will be deemed fairly bad form for a small nation in Enness with a recorded population of 230,023. We'll have the Multiversal Audit Office down on us like a tonne of bricks. The smart thing would be diplomacy, strategic alliances, and the odd assassination here and there to keep things interesting.”

“And covert biological warfare,” said Doctor Herbert West, mostly just because he had nothing else to say.

“It seems to me,” observed Hassan, “that if you want to cosy up to the Mitrin Vega – and with respect, my King and Friend, for what it's worth, I wouldn't hold your eternal breath – the best course of action would be an Entente Cordiale with the Vegai. Give them some strategic space on one of the islands and lure them with the carrot of having a base and an ertswhile non-existent presence in North-Eastern AO.”

I'm not sure I agree with the first part of your analysis there Hassan, says Búa, colouring slightly: but a friendly welcome in Wight is assured for the Vegai, of course.

“There is a deep-water channel into Turk Bay,” said John the Baptist, “and a deep natural harbour that would make a perfect naval base. Give them a portion of South Wath and let them build whatever facilities they like. It will be a useful deterrent from other expanionistas.”

Mark Hampton had known about masters and puppets when, as President of Bitternea, he had tried to create autonomy from the Kytler Peninsulae. He'd ended up in a dustbin, with a hole in his head. “Be careful who you invite over the threshold. You may find you lose your house.”

Caution is advised, says Búa: but a strategic alliance with a military power in these uncertain times seems the best way to keep a foothold in AO, at least for a small nation like the one we have created. It couldn't be any other than the Vegai. Can we align to them easy enough?

“Philosophically I think a benevolent dictatorship would be right up their street,” said Benjamin Lamb, “but that might mean dropping your title, my King and Friend. Just for the sake of appearances.”

Yes, says Búa, but meaning no: I take your point. But of course my beloved Mitty would not take kindly to me spending too long in Enness, physically amongst my subjects. That's considered rather grubby in Pantheon society. So I shall stay back here in old granite Wight Spit. We need a dictatorship in Spit City as my instrument – and you three, my lieutenants, will manage it. Hassan, naturally, as master assassin, you'll not want to be in the public eye. Time to bring out that old Tariq Hashashin identity, our new Foreign Secretary. And Doctor West, well, probably best not let you loose with the crown jewels. Minister for Health? Which leaves you, John. And I always thought you'd make a good dictator.

Posted by: Wight Sep 8 2012, 08:52 AM
Once the encryption key had reached the right contact in Errion Vega, this very straightforward-looking academic memo was delivered to a professor of archeology at the most influential university in the Draggonnii Socialist Empire.

Dear Professor (Name With-held)

Further to our recent BookFace IM chat, I have great pleasure in inviting you to Wight to study the fall of the old Turkish nation of Köselî Cumhurîyetler and the recent catastrophic transformation of the Köselî landmass. Our study centre is based at the Turkish Memorial Buildings, in the town of Iskander, South Wath. From here we have a great view of Turk Bay and are within easy reach of the dive site for the sunken city of St. Îskander. I am sure you will find the area a delightful place to explore and invaluable to your archaeological ambitions. I am pleased to say we have won Indefinite Leave to Stay for you, so that you can make yourself at home here for an extended period of study. To wet your appetite find attached map of the former turkish cities of the Köselî landmass mapped against the modern condition of the islands.

I look forward to meeting you,

Doctor Herbert West
Minister for Health & Professor of Turkish Studies

user posted image

Once decrypted of it's many layers of deceit and counter deceit, the message read thus:

Further to our recent SecureLine IM proposal, Comrade President Jean Baptiste offers the friendly hand of Wight as ongoing friend of the Vegai, and as a gesture of good will a portion of our lands available for a peppercorn rent, to be used as a militarised zone and base of operations for the Vegai North-East Fleet, or whatever it was you said you were planning to call the massive combined forces looking for landfall in the area. We propose a large zone of South Wath will be cordoned off for exclusive use of the Vegai military, with limited social access to the town of Iskander. Access to a deep-water harbour in Turk Bay can be made by the largest ships through the Turkish Bight Deep Channel, full navigational charts to follow. I am sure you will find the area suitable for your regional ambitions. I am pleased to confirm that the Comrade President grants Indefinite Lease of the MZ and access through territorial waters via the deep channel. Furthermore an approved flight-path has been mapped for heavy-grade Vegai air transport with immediate planning permission for both a major military airstrip and fortified town to accommodate up to three army corps with concommitant infrastructure. Indicative map attached.

In brotherhood,

Tariq Hashashin
Foreign Secretary

user posted image

Posted by: Savski Venac Sep 15 2012, 04:59 PM
The palace of the president,
Belgrade,Savski Venac

<Господинэ,Веганский Кралъ е одлучил да покрене инвазию на Бурхадингэрию!>
Sir!, ASMV has decided to attack Burchadinger!
said the soldier that stumbled into the presidents office.the president was sitting in a big blackleather chair turned twoards the window(soldier was looking at the back of the chair)

It maybe poses a threat to us,but,ASMV is in CCS with us.That could be a great opportunity for us to expand and strengten our country.I think that we should first wait
and see the escalation of this,raise the DEFCON to 3 and start a medium mobilisation,call all generals to the Savski Venac Peoples Army HQ ASAP!

Yes sir!

The soldier walked out of the office

A few hours later

The main room of the HQ was big and it was decorated with many artworks that represent the warfare histori of Savski Venac in the middle of the room there was a large wooden table witch had a really big Savski Venac CoA on the middle of it.
Marko Gajinović was sitting on the end of the table while the generals were rounding up to sit.
Good day gentleman!You may sit. said Marko Gajinović
Today the ASMV launched an invasion on Burchadinger,this invasion may trigger a war on a regional scale but also it can remain on the Burchadinger territory.Now to prevent any and i mean any invasion i need you to set up the defenses also we need to cooperate with the ASMV they are our allies.I wont send an official communique to ASMV saying that we are on their side until we see the escalation of this war...
one of the 15 generals raised his hand
Yes comrade Zhdanov?
Comrade Marchall Gajinovich i want to ask why dont we send the communique now?
I was going to say that comrade Zhdanov,we will enter the war if ASMV gets attacked,but we will try to suprise the enemy.The mobilisation and all millitary manouvers that i order will be done in top secrecy,nobody except the highest levels of the millitary and the goverment must know anything about this!If anyone asks whats going on they will be told its a drill going on.
Now comrade Mazepa,general of the 5th army,you will arm and prepare for any conflict with KZP,comrade Yankovich,admiral of the 2nd fleet, you will patrol with your fleet in the pass between 95X and Savski Venac and attack on order,comrade O'Neil,general of the first IRA army,you will prepare for the Coastwave fort for combat and attack on order.That is all comrades.

Posted by: Andossa Se Mitrin Vega Sep 16 2012, 12:21 AM
“What we have before us is an offer that we can scarcely afford to pass up. We have thought long and hard over ways to expand our influence in the region. We have searched long and hard to find suitable places to either claim or deal for in order to make a Vegai presence in the other areas of the region potent enough to demand recognition. Today we have been gifted at least a part of what we have been searching for.”

Xalec Az’huin looked over the faces of the few others gathered for this meeting. There were seven in all besides himself. And none save the Presidente Commandante herself seemed overly enthused by the idea. It was Janik Ut’uj, High Commander of the Furozzii who spoke up first.

“I thought we had decided on taking charge of Burk’dyngr before we made any other moves of that kind. It is no secret that we are looking to expand. But it only makes sense that we nail shut one arena of interest before moving on to the next.” Janik looked smug as he sat back in his chair.

Xalec was nit tot be deterred. “Your concerns, High Commander, are duly noted. However I must argue that in this case you are close-minded and wrong.” he paused for a moment before continuing on,

“You must understand that in this case with Wight, we do not have go through the motions of occupying a given territory, bringing it under our control and then holding on to it through any intraregional adverse actions. In this case all we have to do move ourselves in. The government of Wight has already given us the rights to this area which is more than perfect for our operations on that stage. What other chance will we ever receive to gain a deep water port on foreign soil with no hint of conflict to be found? None I say! We will move forward with this new offer and build our new base, Sa Tu’urk on South Wath in the lands held by our fiends in Wight. And that is the end of this discussion.”

Janik’s face nearly boiled red with rage as he rose quickly from his chair. “If you wish it to be so, it will be without the aid of the Furozzii. I will not send my forces on this wild excursion until things in Burk’dyngr are fully settled. Good luck to you in this foolish undertaking.”

“Janik” it was the Presidente Commandante who spoke softly for the first time. “ You are hereby relieved of your command of the Furozzii. You will turn in your credentials upon leaving this room and report to Eros where you will assume command over the Erosian Irregular Guard. I do hope you find your new posting to be of your liking.”

Janik could say nothing as he stormed from the room.

She continued. “Are there any more objections to our new plans involving Wight?”

No one else said a word.

Posted by: Andossa Se Mitrin Vega Oct 2 2012, 12:52 AM
OOC - some of this info would be available to some extent region wide. Actions much more than any intoned reasons for them. I expect you will make educated guesses if you choose, but keep them to what would realistically be known or go completely creatively wild.


Estrianii Raelea Vega opened the encrypted message sent to her from Xalec Az’huin. Long-laid plans were beginning to take shape and the Draggonnii Socialist Empire was on the verge of becoming not just another player in the game, but a dominant force that would command attention in and of itself. Xalec was her arm abroad as he oversaw much of the progress that had been taking place. His report to her had come in early, as always. She would have plenty of time to asses the progress of each and prepare her own responses before the official report was made to VDF headquarters for their assessment. She read…

“Rael (his name for her since they were children together at Eros) things have been going quite smoothly considering the enormity of constructing three major military installations at once. But as the region still slumbers in quiet unrest, it is best that we have moved so quickly. At our current rate of progress we should have all three up and running far ahead of schedule and ready for what may lie ahead long before the other primary pieces begin to move. It is far better to be proactive in times of relative peace than to get caught trying to catch up once things are moving.

Our new multi-purpose installation at Noth is nearly complete. Already those divisions of all branches of the VDF have begun to move in and begin their patrols. Thus the Western end of Nothandryun and the Salamantic should be easily kept under our watchful eyes. I have seen nothing from Maraque or The Bear Islands to think they pose any serious threats to our own agendas. The IACS and Mysrantis are unkowns in our game but should pose little threat if they choose to play.

The recent expansion into Burk’dyngr was received by the region with little or no active signs of disapproval - not that it would have mattered. Our multi-purpose installation at the Rhyuun site is already taking on primary definition. You were right in both the facts that A) no one would raise a major objection as the only active players in the region right now are Falcania - our allies and Vilita who are following their own agenda at present - I will touch more on that fact in a bit. And cool.gif Beginning construction at Rhyuun long before our claim was made would alos draw little attention. The whole process has been brilliant and we are months further along than anyone would suspect. Our little CCS brother, Savski Venac, seems a bit bothered by our actions as evidenced by the subtle shifting of troops to cover their Western boarder. It is good they are watching, especially since if we did want their lands we would take them from the sea. Once the base at Rhyuun is fully operational it along with the base at will effectively control all sea traffic both military and civilian between the Salamantic and Vilitan Cove.

And it is a great pleasure that I can say things are going marvelously at our new gifted base in Wight. The Koz’elii site at Tu’urk Bayagi is every bit as perfect as they made it out to be. Much of our work on this project has alredy been done quite nicely by its former inhabitants and requires little or no remodel save for a slight bit of quake and water damage. What we initially thought to be an eighteen month undertaking will take only four to complete and Koz’elii should open fully in near conjuction with Rhyuun.

That will be a great boon as we will have a solid grasp on the northern waters of Atlantian Oceania and a force close enough to Aquillan shores to keep at least one eye of the Purple Giant occupied at all times. If not for the Neyman we would effectivey control the waters of Savski Venac, 95X, Ipeland, Hutt River, and Septentrionia. Nations will have to choose their own poison - Us or the Starblaydis.

As for regional activity, it seems there is little of note to pass on.

Starblaydia still slumbers fitfully and unless our agents have completely missed the mark, it will take some time before they can boast of their former power.

Legalese has a wary eye turned our way but they are more concerned with what might happen if Starblaydia awakens hungry. They have always been a snack for the Purple Giant.

Wight has tied theirselves to our coat tails in an attempt to keep others from noticing their relative frailty. Keep your friends close…

Both Valanora and Geisenfried have made recent expansions in their own parts of AO but have made no moves to suggest anyone else has need to worry. Valanora has enough trouble domestically and Geisenfried has never been a major player region wide.

And then there is Vilita. Our relations with our southern neighbors have always been decent if not outright good. But there have been rumblings in some circles that the Vilitans are planning something major in the near future. While I doubt seriously that any hostile actions from them would involve us directly, it is worth keeping an ear on. One can never be too careful.

Falcania has also been as active as we have and their scouts have discovered new lands far to the south in the Secocia Sea. And even better, a group of Falcanian peoples have already laid claim to part for their own sovereignty.

As is usual, I will wait three days to send my official report.


Estrianii erased the message and walked to the window. Everthing waas coming into focus. Noth and Rhyuun she had planned herself and Koz’elii had been a gift with remarkable timing as had Falcanian developments in the south. For the latter might just keep regional focus off the former. That would indeed be a grand thing.

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