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State of the Region
Posted: Apr 4 2013, 03:40 PM
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Atlantian Oceania Current Conditions Report

In this post-apathetic Atlantian Oceania where new nations are rearing their heads, older nations are shaking the rust out of their joints, and even some major powers are choosing to relocate, things are not as simple as they used to be.

At one time it was known that Starblaydia and some formal regional naval powerhouse would face off while everyone else scrambled for position. That is no longer the case. The Purple empire seems to care very little for things that happen outside its own borders and their enemies of old have vanished from the face of the region. New powers have risen both of military and economic prowess and it is hard to now where the true alliances lay.

Perhaps the most intriguing fact is that Falcania has emerged as the most dominant force as they control the airways of the region as well as dictate many of the financial turns. Yet while they have risen in power, they are not loathed and despised for it. Only one nation has risen to awaken hostilities region wide. Leorudo. A tiny nation of little regard until Falcanian , money and equipment allowed their plans of expansion to nearly cause a region wide conflict.

Valanora stirs in the southwest and the colonization of Kishrael so close to their borders is bound to cause shockwaves of some sort especially with Anksgaard and Jeru FC already causing them concern,

Pacitalia continues to remain predominantly silent in the Southeast yet with newcomers Maklohi Vai, they no longer are the one voice from that area.

The Southernmost of central AO has changed drastically with new islands having been found and colonized. Jay Industries, Khytenna, Secunsus Kasius, Kintaria, Kiryu-shi, Paragon. All are there to challenge NMS and Falcania for position. Imagine what would come if Bettia or Hypocria were to awaken.

Commerce Heights controls the East in this new AO. And yet giants such as Whittoria, Osarius, Thatius, Cosumar, and D&S surround them. Should any of these truly awaken…

The West belongs to a new and active Vilita. The Nellies have found a new home here as well. And then there is the sleeping mass of Nojika.

In the Northwest Sorthern Northland is no more and Maraque hides within its own borders. That leaves newcomer Ko-Oren and ASMV as the only true powers in this part of AO. Warkus and Saxki Venac have shown they can awaen when needed and the new colony of the Gordanopians may be something to keep an eye on as well.

And then there is the Northeast, traditionally dominated by Starblaydia. While still probably the nation not to cross, their dominance seems far less complete. Legalese, Wight, and 95X are all active and have grown to command respect. Vettrera lays well within the borders of former purple dominance. Just to the south are The Inevitable Syndicate, West Guiana, and Ibex where before there was no threat. And perhaps even more than Wight, Audioslavia has risen post-catastrophe to become a major player in this part of AO.

One thing is certain. Alliances made may be alliances broken as tensions build. The old Atlantian Oceania is gone and there are several nations, both old and new, who look to leave their mark on the new face of the region.

Andossa Se Mitrin Vega
The Dragon's Herald
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